Downspout Extensions

Downspout extensions are a preventative measure that can save a homeowner thousands of dollars in future repairs on your Tulsa area home. The effect that poor guttering can have on your home is very relevant, and Affordable Drainage of Tulsa knows that well-placed downspouts protect your home.

During a rain storm, your gutter works like a funnel of sorts.  It collects water from the wide surface of your roof and channels it into narrow downspouts, that, if not properly addressed will pour that water right at the foundation of your home.

The water builds up momentum as it runs down your gutters, exiting the downspout with a reasonable amount of force.  If your downspout extensions don’t carry that water a safe distance from your house, they’re depositing a large concentration of water directly around your foundation, and sometimes very quickly.

The above description is NOT something you want.

When water is deposited close to your home, it is in the best place to make trouble for you. It works something like this:

  1. Water draining too close to a concrete slab erodes the dirt under the concrete slabs around your home, making them crack or even sink.  When we say “slab,” I’m talking about your driveway, patios, porches, and walkways.  Once a slab is sinking, the soil around it is no longer properly compacted.  This means it can collect water and direct it in the direction of your home, rather than away from it.
  2. Water collecting around your house will build up and exert hydrostatic pressure against your foundation. Hydrostatic pressure is the force of the water trying to move through your foundation.
  3. Hydrostatic pressure creates cracks in your foundation.  These cracks let water enter your basement or crawl space in some instances.

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